Diary August 1, 1917

Benedict XV
Benedict XV ascend the Holy throne in 1914 after the death of Pius X. He tried to mediate until the end in the First World War.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, August 1, 1917:


Papal peace note to combatants (sent August 9, published August 14): Kaiser supports on August 17, but Allies very critical. Britain replies on August 23 and Wilson rejects on August 27, new German Government required.

Western Front

Britain: BEF at peak establishment strength of 2,044,627 (1,721,056 British) soldiers.
Ypres: Germans recapture St Julien (British recapture on August 3) and make gains near Ypres-Roulers rail line (British recapture on August 2). French gains on West bank of Yser Canal.

Eastern Front

Russia: KORNILOV, aged 47, REPLACES BRUSILOV AS C-­IN-C. His order of the day condemns treachery of ‘certain units’.
Galicia: Russians drive German Suedarmee back across river Zbruch at Gusiatyn.
Rumania: Battle of Marasesti first phase ends.

Air War

Ypres: Guynemer, with Esc SPA 3, makes 3 kills during August.
France: In August first flight of Spad S13 fighter (220hp Hispano-Suiza engine).
Lorraine: In August US racing driver Rickenbacker transfers to AEF Aviation Section from being General Pershing’s chauffeur.

Secret War

Mediterranean: In August Compton Mackenzie recalled from Aegean.

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