Diary August 13, 1918

Lenin and Stalin at the station
Lenin and Stalin at the station. The later Stalinist painting was a fake, as the scene never existed.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, August 13, 1918:

Eastern Front

Volga: Stalin declares state of siege at Tsaritsyn, bourgeoisie to dig trenches.
East Siberia: Czech General Dieterichs appeals for Allied help from Vladivostok.

Sea War

Germany: Behnke replaces Capelle as Minister of Marine (until October 7).
North Sea: Convoy escort armed trawlers depth charge and sink coastal submarine UB-30 off Whitby.
Med­iterranean: 17 destroyer-escorted fast storeships from USA have docked at French ports, via Spanish waters, since July 1, 4000t per day discharged by autumn.

Air War

Occupied Belgium: 50 Sopwith Camel fighters (including No 17 US Aero Squadron) surprise Varssenaere airfield west of Bruges, destroy 28-38 aircraft.


Britain: Government recognizes Czechs as Allied nation, latter declare war on Germany.
Germany: At Spa Hindenburg and Ludendorff, Chancellor and Foreign Minister, agree war cannot be ended militarily.

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