Diary August 19, 1940

German embarkation exercise
A German embarkation exercise on the Channel coast.
Diary for Monday, August 19, 1940:

Air War

Battle of Britain (Day 41): Luftwaffe operations hampered by bad weather (cloud and rain), August 19-23. Light raids on airfields, shipping and coastal targets. Ju 88s set fire to oil storage depot near Pembroke Dock, South Wales (August 19).
Losses: German, 24; British, 9.
Ju 87 Stukas withdrawn from the Battle (57 lost since August 8). RAF raid Kiel, Zschornewitz power station near Leipzig and 30 airfields; 2 1/2-hour air-raid alarm in Berlin (no bombs).

East Africa

Italians occupy Berbera, capital of British Somaliland. British casualties since August 3, 250 men; Italian casualties, 2,050 men.

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