Diary August 2, 1918

Soissons in August 1918
Soissons in August 1918: The old residence of the Frankish kings changed hands several times during the war.
World War One Diary for Friday, August 2, 1918:

Western Front

Champagne and Marne: FRENCH (11th Division chasseurs) REOCCUPY SOISSONS (300 of 15.000 population left) and advance up to 6 miles; 50 villages retaken. Germans regroup behind rivers Veste and Aisne.
Germany: Hindenburg and Ludendorff Press Conference at OHL, latter claims ‘limited tactical success’ on Marne. Both slight AEF­ comparing it with France’s Black African ‘auxiliaries’. Hindenburg insists his goal is ‘a peace of honour’.

Eastern Front

USSR: Lenin tells at five meetings ‘The Soviet Republic is in Danger’.
Northern Russia: 870 French colonial infantry and Major-General Poole land at Archangel.
Siberia: Japan declares she will land troops at Vladivostok but not to create new Eastern Front.

Secret War

Eastern Front: US War Secretary Baker tells Major-General Graves, Commander designate for Siberia ‘Watch your step, you will be walking on eggs loaded with dynamite’. US Vice-Consul at Petrograd notifies state of war between US and Russia.

Middle East

Persia: Turks occupy Urmia; all 80,000 Jelus flee, only, 59,000 reach Bijar.
Azerbaijan: Petrov’s 1200 Reds and 2 guns (from Astrakhan) land in Baku and secure Bolshevik leaders’ release.

Sea War

North Sea: British minelayer destroyers Vehement and Ariel mined and sunk (97 lives lost) by German mines close to Dutch neutral zone. During August Royal Navy lays 9,000 mines off Yorkshire and Durham coasts (until September).

Air War

Western Front: US ‘Liberty Planes’ (DH4s) first in action.
Britain: ­RAF Captain Prince Albert joins St Leonards-on-Sea Air Cadet School (King George V inspects on August 30).

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