Diary August 23, 1918

British private wearing shirtsleeves, shorts, cap and puttees
British private wearing shirtsleeves, shorts, cap and puttees escorts German PoWs to the rear during Second Battle of Albert.
World War One Diary for Friday, August 23, 1918:

Western Front

Somme: Main attack by BEF Third and Fourth Armies now on 33-mile front supported by 100 tanks, former advances 2 miles, across Arras-Bapaume road (5,000 PoWs taken); Australians capture 2,000 PoWs and 23 guns, Bray and Chuignes (including one 15-inch gun, disabled 9, used from July to shell Amiens 15 miles to West); 4 Fourth Army divisions continue advance by moonlight.

Eastern Front

USSR: Lenin tells Moscow Polytechnic Museum meeting that world revolution will come, time not predictable.
Volga: Red First Army defeats Czechs, retakes 3 villages south of Kazan.
Siberia: ­Battle of Dukhovskaya (until August 24), Allies win first real action vs Reds, regain Krevsk position, take 2 MGs and destroy 2 armoured trains but little Japanese co-operation.

Air War

Western Front: 2 German Jasta 34b fighters disable 2 British tanks with armour-piercing ammo, one is Bavarian Oblt Ritter von Greim’s 23rd (of 26) victories (last Luftwaffe C-in-C in 1945). Wireless Central Info Bureau co-ordinates RAF ground attacks.

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