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Diary August 23, 1943

Deployment of a German tank unit with Panzer III
Deployment of a German tank unit with Panzer III during the fightings around Kharkov.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, August 23, 1943:

Eastern Front


Air War

Britain: Mosquito night-fighters shoot down 4 Me 410 fighter-bombers attacking East Anglian airfields.
Western Europe: RAF B-25 Mitchell bombers, escorted by Spitfire fighters, bomb St Orner marshalling yards. Wing-Commander J E Johnson scores his twenty-third victory.
Germany: 427 RAF bombers attacking Leverkusen and dropping 1,690t of bombs.
China: Japanese bomb Chungking (first raid since 1941).

Home Fronts

USSR: Great crowds in Moscow celebrate liberation of Kharkov until 2 am; 224 guns fire 20 ‘victory salvos’; fireworks display; all church bells rung.

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