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Diary August 25, 1941

Russian  troops are crossing the border into Iran
Russian troops are crossing the border into Iran.
Diary for Monday, August 25, 1941:

Middle East

ANGLO-RUSSIAN INVASION OF IRAN begins (with 2 British and 3 Russian divisions).

Russian Front

Operation Barbarossa: Germans capture Dnepropetrovsk, south of Kiev; Guderian advances on latter city from the north. Germans capture Novgorod.

Sea War

Operation Countenance: British forces land at Abadan, Khorramshahr and Bandar Shapur; naval forces sink 2 Iranian gunboats and capture 7 Axis merchant ships.


Germany: Mussolini confers with Hitler at Rastenburg (East Prussia) at HQ known as Wolfsschanze (‘Wolfs Lair‘) – both leaders then tour together the Ukraine. Mussolini confesses to Hitler that he cannot rely on loyalty of Italian Army.

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