Diary August 25, 1916

British machine-gunner firinig his Lewis Gun
A British machine-gunner firinig his Lewis Gun as if it were a rifle, no doubt at some hastly-presented target. Firing the Lewis Gun in this fashion was usually inaccurate.
Diary for Friday, August 25, 1916:

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: British secure Delville Wood and repulse attacks south of Thiepval.
Champagne: German attack west of Tahure repulsed.
Ypres: New 4th Canadian Division arrives.

Eastern Front

Dobruja: Russian Dobruja Detachment (50,000 men in 3 divisions) crosses Danube into Rumania, invades Bulgaria (August 27).

Southern Fronts

Macedonia: Bulgars occupy Seres in northeast Greece.

Sea War

North Sea: German coastal submarine sinks armed boarding steamer HMS Duke of Albany.

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