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Diary August 27, 1916

Romanian troops advance into Transylvania
Romanian troops advance into the southern Austro-Hungarian province of Transylvania.
Diary for Sunday, August 27, 1916:

Eastern Front

RUMANIA INVADES HUNGARIAN TRANSYLVANIA (Austria-Hungary) via eight major passes, a month earlier than Falkenhayn expected; Kaiser’s reaction ‘The war is lost’.
Brusilov offensive, Carpathians: Lechitski (17 divisions) attacks on 75-mile front between Nadworna and Dorna Watra, takes Mt Pantyr (August 29)


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Home Fronts

RumaniaBucharest: Crown Council at Cotroceni Palace, King Ferdinand rebuffs opposition to split with Berlin ‘Then I have conquered the Hohenzollern who was in me, I fear no one’.

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: British 3rd Brigade attacks Grevillers.

African Fronts

East Africa: British 1st and 2nd Divisions link on Railway 12 miles east of Kilosa.


Greece: Venizelos addresses Athens protest meeting against King’s policy (Metaxas dismissed August 26).

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