Diary August 27, 1941

sabotaged Zaporozhe Dam
The sabotaged Zaporozhe Dam near Dnepropetrovsk.
Diary for Wednesday, August 27, 1941:

Russian Front

Operation Barbarossa: Retreating Russian forces sabotage great Zaporozhe Dam (Dnepropetrovsk Dam) over river Dnieper. Germans capture Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Besieged Russian garrison of Hangö repels determined Finnish attacks by land and sea.

Air War

Germany: Russians bomb Koenigsberg (night August 27-28).

Sea War

Atlantic: German Type 7 U-boat U-570 captured by Royal Navy, south of Iceland following damage sustained from depth charges dropped by RAF Hudson. (Recommissioned as HM sub Graph, September 19, 1941; wrecked March 20, 1944.)


Vichy France: Vichy leaders Laval and Deat shot and wounded at Versailles; gunman arrested.

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