Diary August 6, 1915

 landing at Suvla Bay
The landing at Suvla Bay, painted by subaltern R.C. Lewis during the action, using the dye from cigarette packets.
Diary for Friday, August 6, 1915:

Middle East

Gallipoli: BRITISH SUVLA BAY LANDINGS BEGIN at 2130 hours with 11th Division after 1420 hours Helles attack until next day and Anzac’s storm Lone Pine at 1730 hours.
Battle of Sari Bair (until August 10): Anzac­-Gurkha-Indian night advance halted 1000 yards (ca. 914 m) from Chunuk Bair summit.
Armenia: Turks hold Baratov at ‘Dap of the Sword’ Pass, but Mirgemir Pass night storming (August 7-8) forces Turk retreat after 16,000 casualties (6,000 PoWs) since August 2. Cossack’s re-occupy Karakilise.

Sea War

Dardanelles: Suvla Bay landings supported by 6 cruisers, 10 Monitors, 8 destroyers (2 French), 2 kite­-balloon vessels. Until August 10 10,000 troops land from 10 destroyers and 10 motor lighter landing craft (500 men each).

Eastern Front

Poland: German gas attack at Osovyets fails due to Russians lighting fires.

Air War

Eastern Front: German airship L5 damaged beyond repair by anti-aircraft fire with forced landing. Zeppelin bombs Novi Minsk and Syedlets railway stations, causes casualties to Russian Northwest Front Headquarters (night August 6-7).

African Fronts

Southwest Africa: Rhodesian’s meet South African troops in Caprivi Strip.


Bulgaria secures new Central Powers 400 millions Fr loan.

Home Fronts

Russia: Council of the Empire opens.
Britain: ­Munitions Ministry now in command of 345 factories. War Women’s League formed.

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