Diary December 14, 1916

War in cinema
In a Paris cinema a movie about the struggle of the British soldiers in France is shown.
World War One Diary for Thursday, December 14, 1916:

Eastern Front

Rumania: Falkenhayn enters Buzeu in push for Braila and Galatz (Danube towns); all Wallachia in German hands, military government established at Bucharest.

Air War

Turkey: RNAS bomb Kuleli­-Burgas rail bridge 20 miles south of Adrianople (and Razlovci in Occupied Serbia on December 15).
Mesopotamia: RFC BE2c scatters Turk Shumran pontoon bridge, leaving only Tigris Ferry till December 17. 2 RFC BE2cs shoot down Albatros near Kut on December 20. 2-10 aircraft attack Turk depots east of Kut (December 21-22).


Greece: Allied 24-hour ultimatum (accepted on December 15).

Home Fronts

Austria: Prime Minister Dr Korber resigns against Emperor’s talks with Hungary. Count Clam-Martinitz succeeds on December 20.
Britain­: Commons votes £400m war credit (total 1916-17 £1.75 billions: war costs £5.5 million per day).

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