Diary December 17, 1917

Don't waste bread
Don’t waste bread: British appeal for economy in face of the U-boat menace.
World War One Diary for Monday, December 17, 1917:

Home Fronts

Britain: Lord Rhondda says ‘Food queues must be stopped’, rationing probably inevitable. No post to neutrals, except to PoWs or under permit.
Russia: All Church property to be confiscated, religious teaching abolished.
Canada: Unionist Government wins General Election.

Eastern Front


Middle East

Arabia: British Government give King of Hejaz written assurance of future Arab independence.


Mozambique: Lettow with headquarter arrive at Chirumba (Mtarika), Portuguese Nyasa Business Company’s station.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Italian Navy ordered to economize stringently on coal and oil fuel (c.50,000t used per month and national stocks only c.360,000t).
Pacific: 2 US submarines collide in fog; Carp (F1) sinks with 19 crew members.

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