Diary December 24, 1915

Montenegrin Army captain
A Montenegrin Army captain in M1910 full-dress uniform with peaked service cap.
Diary for Friday, December 24, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Montenegro: Austrian 62nd Division finally crosses river Tara after heroic Montenegrin resistance.

Western Front

Germany – Falkenhayn initiates prepara­tions for the Verdun offensive codenamed Gericht (Tribunal, Judgement, place of execu­tion): Fifth Army (Crown Prince) to be reinforced with 4 army corps and 2,000 guns and to attack French centre between river Meuse and Woevre.

Eastern Front

Galicia: Heavy fighting on river Strypa.

Middle East

Gallipoli – Helles bridgehead: Fierce Turk shelling but British patrolling prevails.
Mesopota­mia – Kut: Turk 52nd Division twice repulsed from fort until next day with 2,000 casualties for only 315 defenders (total 1,625 casualties since December 5). 4-hour burial truce on December 26.

African Fronts

Smith-Dorrien sails for Cape (where Brigade-General Northey arrived) but catches pneumonia.
Somaliland: Anglo-Italian Agreement on river Juba border.

Sea War

Mediterranean: U-boat torpedoes and sinks French liner Ville de Ciotat (80 lives lost).
Britain: ­First Lord of Admiralty Balfour in Commons refers to ‘terrible level’ of shipping freight charges.

Secret War

Britain: The word ‘tank’ is coined.

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