Diary December 25, 1915

Prisoners of a world war strategy
Prisoners of a world war strategy – Germans under guard in distant East Africa. Although a colonial ‘sideshow’, the war the British Empire fought to eradicate Lettow’s troops cost three times the lives she had lost in the Boer War, and the campaign left the Germans undefeated until the last day of the war.
Diary for Saturday, December 25, 1915:

African Fronts

Uganda Railway: Germans repulsed from Ndi station (until next day); 17 British cause 24 German casualties in cross-border raid.
Cameroons: British reject Christmas Day ceasefire and force Ngoa on December 26.

Western Front

Flanders: Intermittent minor artillery duels (with mining on December 26). King’s Christmas message to BEF.
Vosges: French artillery battery claims hit on munitions train stopped in Hachimethe rail station southeast of Bonhomme.

Middle East

Gallipoli: Evacuated troops mainly at sea between Lemnos and Egypt (until December 31).
Helles­ bridgehead: French infantry gone (December 12-22), but General Brulard leaves guns to cover British who begin loading stores.

Home Fronts

Britain: Lloyd George Glasgow speech says 80,000 skilled munition workers needed, shouted down by 3,000 shop stewards.
France: Soldiers’ Day (until December 26). In December 850,000 people employed in munitions work.

Secret War

Britain: Haig notes on Churchill memo ‘Is anything known about the caterpillar (tank) ?’

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