Diary December 31, 1918

preamble to the final constitution of the German Reich
The preamble to the final constitution of the German Reich, which was adopted on 11 August 1919. For the first time since 1848 fundamental rights were put in front.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, December 31, 1918:

Home Fronts

Germany: Vorwaerts publishes draft German constitution. Landsturm demobilized and dissolved.
USA: War Industries and Railroad Board dissolved.
Britain: 288,438 troops demobilized so far; 124,680 British ex-PoWs reach dispersal camps. National munition workers reduced from 306,000 to 136,000. 12,276 of 21,698 war contracts terminated. Last coalition War Cabinet meeting. During 1918 unemployment rose to 1.1 %; TU membership up 19%; only 5,000 working days lost to strikes before Armistice; imports up 19%, exports down 5%; shipping tonnage almost 20% down on end 1914; annual births lowest of war (848,519).

Western Front

Demobilization of German Landsturm. Foch told AEF will be reduced by 5 divisions per month in occupied area from March 1, 1919.

Eastern Front

Red Second Army retakes Ufa (gateway to the Urals) and Sterilitamak.

Sea War

Britain: Fisher visits aircraft carrier Furious at Rosyth and predicts the next war will be in 20 years’ time.

Air War

Britain: Death of Captain W Leefe Robinson, Victoria Cross, aged 23 of flu, PoW returned home on December 14.


Britain: Wilson and Balfour leave London for Paris.


Holland: Government allows normal river passage.

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