Diary December 4, 1943

1,000lb bomb is fitted to a Dauntless
On an US carrier, a 1,000lb bomb is fitted to a Dauntless dive bomber.
WW2 War Diary for Saturday, December 4, 1943:

Sea War

Pacific: US Fast Carrier Task Force raids Kwajalein: 386 planes (5 lost) sink 6 transports and damage 2 cruisers. 55 Japanese planes destroyed. Torpedo planes hit USS Lexington.
Carrier Chuyo sunk by US submarine Sailfish, southeast of Tokyo.


Italy: British 8th Army reaches river Moro.

Eastern Front

Southern Sector: Germans crush Russian forces in Eltigen bridgehead on Crimea; 10,000 killed, 2,827 taken prisoner.

Occupied Territories

Yugoslavia: Tito’s Partisans establish Provisional Government.


SECOND CAIRO CONFERENCE: Amphibious operations in Bay of Bengal are cancelled. Timetable set for Pacific ‘island hopping’ campaign. Conference ends December 7.
Bolivia: Government declares war on all Axis States.

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