Diary December 6, 1942

burning Philips radio works at Eindhoven after raid
The burning Philips radio works at Eindhoven after the raid.
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, December 6, 1942:

Air War

Western Europe: Low-level daylight raid by 78 RAF Mosquitoes, Bostons and Venturas (15 lost, 53 damaged) on Philips radio works at Eindhoven. US B-17 Fortress bombers attack Lille locomotive works. 500 RAF, USAAF, and Allied fighters fly escort and diversionary sorties.
Germany: RAF night raids on Karlsruhe and Pforzheim, southwest Germany (4 bombers lost, 425 t bombs dropped).


North Africa – BATTLE OF MEDJEZ-EL-BAB (December 6-9): 2 German Panzer columns attempt to retake Medjez, 56 km southwest of Tunis in torrential rain; Grant tanks and Allied fighters halt one column, and second is smashed by artillery in outskirts of town. US armoured force, Combat Command B, is cut off and attempts to escape across Borj Toun Bridge, only to lose most of its vehicles in deep mud.

Home Fronts

USA: Claude R Wichard appointed War Food Administrator.

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