Diary December 7, 1917

Captured British tanks Mark IV
Captured British tanks Mark IV at Cambrai. These vehicles form the main body of the German tank force in the upcoming spring offensive.
World War One Diary for Friday, December 7, 1917:

Western Front

Britain: BEF GHQ Intelligence predict German 1918 offensive no later than March 1918.
Battle of Cambrai ends: British 2-2 1/2 miles in advance of November 20 line in north but have lost almost equal own ground in South.
France: US 42nd ‘Rainbow’ Division arrives (personnel from 26 US states).

Eastern Front

Official truce between Russia and Central Powers (until December 17).


USA: GOVERNMENT DECLARES WAR ON AUSTRIA (Panama on December 10, Cuba on December 16).
Austria: Ministers agree on peace with Russia without gains.

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