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Diary February 14, 1915

Locomotive hit by bomb
A German locomotive has been hit by a Russian bomb.
Diary for Sunday, February 14, 1915:

Air War

Eastern Front: IM heavy bomber Kievsky of the EVK drops 600 bombs on Polish Plotsk rail station, 1st of 100 daylight raids and armed reconnaissance missions until December against German-held stations, railway junctions and trains around Weidenburg, Soldau, Willenberg (all on East Prussian border), Plotsk and Mlava: small formations employed by mid-summer. Total of 20,000lb (ca. 9 t) bombs dropped. The EVK occupies 5 different bases during the 1915 retreat.

Eastern Front

East Prussia: Clear of Russians, Litzmann’s XL Reserve Corps takes Lyck (5,000 PoWs). Papporitz, Governor of Königsberg drives Russians north of Tilsit and takes Tauroggen on February 18.
Galicia: Austrians retake Nadworna and on February 16 Kolomea.

Home Fronts

Turkey: Committee of Union and Progress (three-man committee under Talaat Bey) decides to exterminate the Armenians. Armenian soldiers made laborers from February 19 on.
France: The newspaper Le Miroir takes for its horror story article ‘The Crime of the German Hordes in Poland’ a Russian photo from the pogrom of 1905.
New Zealand: 3rd reinforcement detachment (2,480 soldiers) sail for overseas.

Western Front

Flanders and Artois: German artillery active. British recapture trenches lost at St Eloi.
Vosges: French regain lost ground near Zon-Norroy.
Alsace ­: Sengern and Remsbach captured by Germans.

Middle East

Dardanelles: Captain Richmond of Royal Navy ‘Remarks on Present Strategy’ urges Army for Dardanelles; Fisher agrees on February 16, French Government urges delay for troops on February 18 and decides to send a division on February 19.

Secret War­

Middle East: German Wasmuss enters Persia with Dr K Linders and two 2 Indian revolutionaries, leaves for Shiraz on February 22, incites local tribesmen to attack British oil pipelines (damaged 4 1/2 miles northeast of Ahwaz, supply resumed on June 13). Four more German agents leave Baghdad.

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