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Diary February 14, 1943

German infantry and APCs  Kasserine Pass
German infantry and APCs wait for moving forward to Kasserine Pass.
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, February 14, 1943:


Tunisia – BATTLE OF KASSERINE PASS (February 14-25): Rommel launches surprise counter-offensive (Operation Fruehlingswind = ‘Spring Wind’). Panzers supported by Stukas throw inexperienced Americans into confusion. Germans reach Kasserine Pass, February 20, but are soon forced back. Allied casualties: 10,000; German casualties, 2,000.

Eastern Front

Southern Sector: Rostov recaptured by Red Army.

Southeast Asia

Burma: FIRST ‘CHINDIT’ OPERATION behind Japanese lines, led by Brigadier-General Orde Wingate (begins night February 4-5). Force of 3,000 begins 6-week operation.

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