Diary February 15, 1942

General Percival leads his surrender party
General Percival (right) leads his surrender party to Yamashita’s HQ at Bukit Timah, Singapore.
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, February 15, 1942:

Far East

Malaya: FALL OF SINGAPORE. General Percival surrenders unconditionally to General Yamashita, who was outnumbered more than 1-to-3. 80,000 PoWs taken, which is the most terrible British defeat in military history.

Malayan Campaign Losses:

Dead 3,507 8,708
Wounded 6,150 (incl in PoWs)
PoWs - 130,000
Guns? c.740
Machine-guns? 2,500+
Small Arms? 65,000
Armoured Cars? c.200
Rail engines, trucks- c.1,000
Light Planes -10

Burma: Commonwealth forces withdraw to river Bilin.

Sea War

Atlantic: Brazilian ships Buarque and Olinda sunk by U-boats off American east coast (February 15 and 18).
Pacific: Japanese seaborne reinforcements land at Palembang (Dutch East Indies).

Home Fronts

Britain: Mrs Churchill’s Red Cross Fund for Russia reaches £ 1.5 millions.

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