Diary February 16, 1940

Altmark in Joessing Fjord
The supply ship ‘Altmark’, with 303 prisoners on board which came from the sunken ships of the ‘Admiral Graf Spee’, was on her way back to Germany. In Joessing Fjord, the British destroyer ‘Cossack’ entered the neutral Norwegian territorial waters. The British boarded the ship, rescued almost all the prisoners and killed a number of German sailors.
Diary for Friday, February 16, 1940:

Sea War

Atlantic: RESCUE FROM THE ALTMARK. Boarding party from destroyer HMS Cossack rescue 299 British merchant navy personnel from German supply ship Altmark (formerly attached to Admiral Graf Spee) in Joessing Fjord, Southwest Norway; seven German sailors killed. Norway protests British violation of her neutrality, on February 17, and proposes international arbitration, February 25).


Sweden refuses Finnish appeal for right of passage of foreign troops and direct military assistance.

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