Diary February 16, 1915

mutilated war victims
Among the victims of the war include not only the many deaths, but also the men who return mutilated in their homeland.
Diary for Tuesday, February 16, 1915:

Home Fronts

Britain: Disabled Soldiers and Sailors Employment Comittee formed, Merchant Sailors War Injuries Compensation on February 18.
Russia: Enemy citizens’ property confiscated.

Western Front

Champagne – Fourth Battle of Perthes (until March 17, 1915): French attack on 5-mile front captures 3,000 yards (2.74 km) of trench with 400 PoWs, but German night counter-attacks now the pattern.

Eastern Front

Russians retreating on river Niemen but maul XXI Corps in counter-attack from Grodno.

Middle East

Dardanelles: British War Council emergency meeting agrees to assemble shipping for 50,000 troops. Kitchener tells Churchill ‘You get through ! I will find the men’. 29th Division to sail for Lemnos, but held back on February 19 when Kitchener argues Anzac troops are enough.

African Fronts

South Cameroons: French occupy Oyem.
East Africa: ­British Mule Corps ordered.

Air War

Western Front: British airmen highly praised for their ‘fine services’ to BEF in Sir J French dispatch.


USA: Note to Britain on SS Wilhelmina wheat cargo seizure on February 11. Britain replies on February 19. British government extends trading with enemy prohibition to territories in Allied or enemy occupation.

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