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Diary February 18, 1918

German soldiers pursue Red troops.
German soldiers pursue Red troops.
World War One Diary for Monday, February 18, 1918:

Eastern Front

GERMANS RESUME WAR (until March 2): Operation Faustschlag with 52 divisions, which take Dvinsk and Lutsk, advancing down railways 30 miles per day. Lenin radio message accepts peace conditions.

Air War

Germany: 8 FE2s (1 lost) of No 100 Squadron start fire at Trier central station; town receives 3 British raids (February 18-19, 2 day and 1 at night). Damaging FE2 raid on Thionville blast furnaces and gasworks.
France: Germans bomb Calais causing false alert in southeast England, 55 sorties (night February 18-19) and 2,599 anti-aircraft shells.
Western Front: 95th Aero (Pursuit) Squadron arrives in France; first ‘homegrown’ US fighter unit, begins patrols on March 14.

Home Fronts

Finland: For Mannerheim Senate makes military training compulsory for men of age 21 to 40 (effective February 28).
Britain: CIGS Robertson resigns, Wilson succeeds. Labour Ministry announces demobilization arrangements. Churchill attributes munitions increase to 12% bonus. Road Transport Control Board founded.
France: Ex-Senator Humbert arrested for Bolos Pasha complicity.

Middle East

Mesopotamia, Euphrates: British advance 14 miles from Ramadi to occupy Khan Abu Rayan and position 10 miles south of Hit.

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