Diary February 20, 1919

Budenny 1919-20
Semyon Mikhailovich Budenny, commander of the Red 1st Horse Army 1919-20 in the south.
World War One Diary for Thursday, February 20, 1919:

South Russia: Red South Front defeats Don Cossacks north of river Donetz, latter reduced to 15,000 men.
Afghanistan: Amir Habibullah Khan murdered by pro­-war party while on hunting expedition; his third son Amanulla succeeds.
Baltic States: Estonians occupy Oesel island.
Britain: Food Controller announces mild controls’ retention and increased beer (price reduced February 24) and spirits supply. Miners postpone strike for wage report by March 20. Zeebrugge Raid from May 9, 1918 dispatch published. General Marshall’s October 1, 1918 Mesopotamia dispatch published.
Hungary: 4 to 8 (?) policemen killed in Communist demo, Bela Kun and other Communist leaders imprisoned.

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