Diary February 24, 1942

USS Enterprise at sea
USS Enterprise at sea, photographed from a launching carrier aircraft.
WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, February 24, 1942:

Sea War

Pacific: WAKE ISLAND RAID. US carrier Enterprise launches air strike against Wake Island (similar attack on nearby Marcus Island, March 4).
Atlantic: US destroyer Truxton and naval transport Pollux reported wrecked in gale off St Lawrence river (189 missing).
Black Sea Struma Affair: Russian submarine Shch-213 sinks decrepit Bulgarian SS Struma carrying 764 Rumanian Jews (only 1 survivor). Turkish authorities had earlier forced vessel’s crew to put to sea because none of the passengers had visas.

Air War

Pacific: Japanese paratroops land on Kupang airfield, Timor.


Turkey: Von Papen, German Ambassador, narrowly escapes death in assassination attempt.
Vichy France: Government reaffirms her neutrality following US protest against ‘incidental’ aid given to German Afrika Korps.

Occupied Territories

Norway: Norwegian bishops resign their offices in collective protest against Nazi-Quisling oppression.
Holland: Death of L E Bisser, President of Netherlands High Court of Justice until removed by Germans in 1940; active in Jewish welfare work; aged 70.

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