Diary February 26, 1940

captured Russian tractor STZ Komsomolet
By Finnish soldiers in February 1940 captured Russian tractor STZ Komsomolet, here in use a troop carrier with tarpaulins.
Diary for Monday, February 26, 1940:


Winter War: Finns announce evacuation of Koivisto coastal fortress, on right flank of Mannerheim Line.

Sea War

Atlantic: Liner Queen Elizabeth (83,700 tons) leaves Clydebank with skeleton crew on secret maiden voyage to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and New York. She is equipped with giant electric ‘de-gaussing’ cable, to neutralize magnetic mines.


US envoy Sumner Welles, with offer of US mediation, begins series of meetings with European leaders (Mussolini, Hitler, Chamberlain, Daladier, Reynaud, the Kings of England and Italy and the Pope); tour ends March 20.

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