Diary February 5, 1915

grisly result of air war
The grisly result of an early wartime duel in the air.
Diary for Friday, February 5, 1915:

Air War

Western Front: French pilot Pegoud in Morane ‘L’ scores 3 victories in single action: 2 German aircraft shot down, 3rd forced to land. Lieutenants Wadham and Borton of RFC in Morane ‘L’ force down Aviatik with rifle fire near Lille airfield. Some first Vickers FB 5 ‘Gun Bus’ two-seat pusher­-engined fighters reach No 5 Sqn RFC.

Western Front

Flanders: Decreased shelling of British center and left (seaward) flank.

Eastern Front

East Prussia: Blizzards until next day. Russians capture – but ignore – documents from dead officer indicating German build-up. Hindenburg opens his headquarter at Insterburg.
Carpathians: ­Austrian attacks repulsed, the furthest progress made, Brusilov retakes Mezolaborcz rail junction. By February 6, Austrian Third Army had lost 89,000 men.

Home Fronts

Britain: Commons votes Army 3 million men, Navy voted another 32,000 men on February 8.
Austria: ­Korber (Prime Minister 1900-1904) returns as Finance Minister and Bosnia administrator.

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