Diary February 7, 1916

DH2 single-seat 'pusher' biplane
A DH2 single-seat ‘pusher’ biplane, which was used successfully against Fokker E biplane in 1916, but out-climbed and out-speeded in turn by following designs.
Diary for Monday, February 7, 1916:

Air War

Western Front: No 24 Squadron (Major Hawker, VC) first RFC single-seater fighter squadron reaches France (No 29 on March 25; No 32 on May 25) with DH2s.
3 Royal Flying Corps FE2bs of No 20 Squadron protect British Second Army reconnaissance aircraft east of Ypres despite 14 German aircraft approaching.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Chief of Imperial General Staff orders British 13th Division and 7th Mounted Artillery Brigade to theatre.
Euphrates: 2,900 British soldiers evacuate Butaniya harassed by 5,000 Arabs.

Home Fronts

Britain: Four Glasgow shop stewards arrested to conduct prejudicial to war effort, sentenced on February 10. Two more arrested and deported on March 29.

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