Diary February 9, 1915

Russian 11-inch howitzer outside Przemysl
Russian 11-inch (280-mm) howitzer outside the Austro-Hungarian fortress of Przemysl.
Diary for Tuesday, February 9, 1915:

Eastern Front

East Prussia: Eichhorn takes Biala and turns Russian right wing.
Poland: Army Detachment Gallwitz formed, takes Serpels in northwest on February 11.
Galicia: Russian shelling begins Siege of Przemysl proper (Austrian sortie repulsed on February 19).

Western Front

Meuse: French capture St Remy (Woevre).
Vosges­: Heavy snow until next day delays operations.

Southern Fronts

Greece: Kitchener agrees to send British 29th Division to Salonika but Greece rejects, wanting Romania to threaten Bulgaria from north.

Middle East

Dardanelles and Aegean: 2,000 Royal Marines occupy Greek Lemnos Islands (Mudros Bay) after Venizelos agrees to loan it.
Sinai: Dust storms hamper pursuit of Turks, who return to Jaffa until March.

Air War

Germany: Major Thomsen made Feldflugchef.


Britain: King George V receives Russian Finance Minister Bark.

Home Fronts

Russia: Orange Book on Armenia. Duma reopens, passes $1.5 billion budget on February 11, customs tariffs raised on February 28.

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