Diary February 9, 1916

Albatros seaplane
A German Albatros seaplane.
Diary for Wednesday, February 9, 1916:

Air War

Britain: 2 German seaplanes from Zeebrugge drop 13 bombs on Broadstairs and Ramsgate (3 wounded); 18 defending aircraft ascend.

Eastern Front

Pripet and Galicia: Severe fighting (and on February 13-14).

Southern Fronts

Albania: Serb evacuation (88,153 men) at Durazzo completed.

African Fronts

Lake Tanganyika: HM vessels Fiti and Mimi sink gunboat Hedwig von Wissmann, but Commander Spicer-Simson declines to engage 800t Graf von Götzen following day.
East Africa: first Royal Flying Corps flight arrives by 26th South African Squadron (8 BE2cs).

Sea War

Adria: Serb evacuation at Durazzo completed, 88,153 men
Britain: Japanese Government refuses the British request for major naval assistance in European waters.


Serbia: Government in-exile established at Corfu.
Italy: French Prime Minister Briand visits Italy (­until February 14), agrees on Allied Paris Conference (February 12).
Bulgaria: Tsar Ferdinand at Austro-German GHOs (until February 14).

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