Diary February 9, 1917

Operation Alberich
Operation Alberich: a railway station and sidings are blown up by the Germans.
World War One Diary for Friday, February 9, 1917:

Western Front

SommeOperation Alberich: Germans begin demolitions with programmed removal of material and civilians between Hindenburg Line and actual front line at the Somme.
Meuse: French repulse German attacks.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Austrians claim 1,000 PoWs in attack east of Gorizia. but Italians regain trenches taking 100 PoWs on February 9. Italian Intelligence reports new Austrian artillery and troops on Asiago and in Upper Adige.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: British 13th and 14th Divisions storm liquorice factory until February 10.

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