Diary January 1, 1919

American soldiers aboard a cruiser to Arkhangelsk
American soldiers aboard a cruiser to Arkhangelsk. 8,500 troops send the Allies to fight the Bolshevists.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, January 1, 1919:

Russia­: According to its C-in-C Red Army has 600,000 rifles for 788,000 men; 8,000 MGs and 1,700 field guns in January. White Russian General Eugene K Miller (1914-17 corps and army commander) arrives in Archangel (from Rome exile) to be Gouverneur-General.
Britain: RFP 130% ie 11.6% 1918 rise. Gas and electricity ration increased 25% in England and Wales. The Times Red Cross Appeal closes at £14 million. 200 sailors on leave drown in the yacht Stornoway off Scotland.
Germany: Ruhr strikes.
France: National debt 147.4bn fr.
Turkey: Enver and Djemal cashiered.

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