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Diary January 10, 1941

Illustrious hit by bombs
The carrier Illustrious was hit hard by by bombs on the flight-deck during the Malta convoy.
Diary for Friday, January 10, 1941:

Sea War

Mediterranean: Ju 87 Stukas disrupt Malta convoy and score 6 hits on carrier Illustrious escorting convoy west of Malta. Cruiser Southampton crippled.

Air War

Europe: First large-scale RAF daylight raid over France since June 1940. 100 fighters escort Blenheim bombers in sweep over Pas de Calais – airfields and cross-Channel gun positions attacked. Night raids on Brest and Palermo (Sicily). Total aircraft losses, German, 3; British, nil.
Britain: 150 aircraft (6 lost) drop 50,000 incendiaries on Portsmouth, starting 28 large fires (night January 10-11).


Russian-German agreement on population exchanges in Baltic States.

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