Diary January 11, 1916

raider 'Möwe'
German raider ‘Möwe’. A disguised merchantman, it made two cruises and sank 122,000 tons of shipping.
Diary for Tuesday, January 11, 1916:

Sea War

East Atlantic: Raider Möwe sinks 8 British ships (until January 20), including 3 on 13, totalling 27,888t almost matching January U-boat sinkings (5 British ships).

Western Front

Somme: Lieutenant-General Earl of Cavan in command of new BEF XIV Corps of 3 divisions (until March 10, 1918).

Southern Fronts

Greece: French marines occupy Corfu, despite Greek protests, as base to refit Serb Army.
Montenegro: Austrians take Cetinje, but 3-day battle at Mojkovac 50 miles to north before General Vesovic orders his troops home.

Occupied countries

Eastern France: German munitions dump explosion near railway station at Lille (night January 11-12) kills 108 civilians.

Home Fronts

Russia: 10,000 workers strike at Nikolayev, Black Sea naval base, 45,000 at Petrograd (January 22).
Germany: ­Reichstag votes OAP age (Old Age Pensioner) reduction from 70 to 65.

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