Diary January 12, 1943

P-38 Lighting
The P-38 Lightning is called by the Germans ‘Gabelschwanzteufel’ (‘The Devil with the Cleft Tail’).
WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, January 12, 1943:

Air War

Mediterranean: B-17 Fortress wreck buildings and aircraft on Castel Benito airfield, near Tripoli, while escorting P-38 Lightnings rout 20 defending Me 109 Gustav fighters.


Western Desert: Montgomery sends ‘Personal Message’ to men of 8th Army, calling for supreme effort to drive Italians from Tripoli – their last African stronghold: ‘Our families and friends . . . will be thrilled when they hear we have captured that place.’
Leclerc’s Free French troops now in complete control of South Libya (Fezzan).

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