Diary January 13, 1916

Indian Cavalry
Indian Cavalry as part of the British force in Mesopotamia.
Diary for Thursday, January 13, 1916:

Middle East

Mesopotamia – Battle of Wadi (until January 14): Aylmer (1,613 casulaties) takes Turk position but fails to cut Turk retreat (2,000 casualties) on Um-el-Hanna. Heavy rains and wind (January 14-18) break British Tigris bridge.
Persia: Baratov defeats German Count Kaunitz and Turk battalion at Kangavar, concentrates 8000-10,000 men and 22 guns at Hamadan.

Eastern Front

Russian artillery strength 4,894 guns (including Armenian Front and only 210 x 6-in howitzers) with 4,915,000 shells.
Western Russia: Russian Fifth Army (Gourko) success at Garbonovka near Dvinsk, more fighting following day.

Southern Fronts

King Nicholas of Montenegro cables Vienna for peace, but terms uncompromising yet refuses to order army to follow Serbs.

African Fronts

Cameroons: 850 French soldiers march south from Yaunde, occupy Ebolowa on January 19; British join on January 22.

Sea War

Germany: Naval Staff declare their support for unrestricted submarine warfare, can force England to make peace in 6 months.

Home Fronts

Germany: Chancellor promises Prussian Diet post­war electoral reform.
Britain: Commons votes Royal Navy 50,000 more men (total 350,000).

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