Diary January 14, 1916

Schneider tank
The Schneider tank was the first French design. But there followed endless delays in production, largely because of shortages of armour plates.
Diary for Friday, January 14, 1916:

Home Fronts

France: Colonel Estienne and Creusot engineer Brillie design Schneider tank with 75mm gun and 10mm armour, Joffre wants 400.
Ireland: Lord Lieutenant reports 146,000 enlistments to army to date, 100,000 more available.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Heavy fighting near Gorizia, but Italians lose Hill 188 to Austrian counter-attack on January 24 and evacuate to a less unfavourable Peuma-Oslavia line.

Air War

Western Front: Due to heavy losses by German Fokker Es every Royal Flying Corps reconnaissance plane to have 3 fighter escorts.


Portugal: Lisbon warehouse fire perhaps due to German sabotage.

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