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Diary January 16, 1943

Column of the British 8th Army
Column of the British 8th Army in pursuit of Rommel.
WW2 War Diary for Saturday, January 16, 1943:


Western Desert: British 8th Army and Free French forces, advancing from South Libya, join forces.

Air War

Germany – First RAF raids on Berlin since November 1941 (nights January 16-17 and 17-18): first raid takes defences by surprise (only 1 out of 145 planes lost; 367t bombs dropped), but 22 out of 111 lost in second (356t bombs). ‘Marker Bombs’ (Target Indicators) tested; Daimler-Benz engine works badly hit, but many bombs wasted on suburbs.
Pacific: B-17 Fortress bombers carry out night raid on shipping at Rabaul.


Iraq: British puppet government declares war on Germany, Italy and Japan.

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