Diary January 2, 1916

E2 off the Dardanelles
E2 off the Dardanelles with a French sub in the background. It fell to E2 to make the last patrol there as the Allied evacuation was complete. The land campaign may have been a disastrous failure, but the submarine operations were a credit for the Royal Navy.
Diary for Sunday, January 2, 1916:

Sea War

Dardanelles: British submarine E2 recalled; end of Allied submarine campaign. Half Turk merchant fleet now sunk and warships immobilized by coal shortage.

Western Front

Vosges: Artillery fire and clashes in Hirzstein sector (January 2-8) but no change in situation. Both sides suffer heavy losses.

Eastern Front

Bukovina: Heavy fighting northeast of Czernowitz (also on January 4, 7, 11 and 14).

Secret War

East Indies: Captain Müller’s 8­-man U-boat telegraph party leave Dutch Java (neutral) for Yemen (arrive Sana in March).

Oval@3x 2

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