Diary January 2, 1943

German mountain troops in the high Caucasus
Once upon a time: German mountain troops in the high Caucasus with ‘Gebirgsgeschuetz 38’ (mountain gun).
WW2 War Diary for Saturday, January 2, 1943:

Eastern Front

Caucasus: Germans withdrawing from Caucasus.


New Guinea: BUNA CAPTURED by Allied forces. Many underground bunkers destroyed one by one by tanks and explosive charges.

Air War

Merditerranean: Stukas, FW 190 fighter-bombers and He 111 torpedo planes make frequent sorties against Allied shipping in and around Bone, Bougie and Algiers during January: 4 ships sunk; cruiser Ajax, destroyer and anti-aircraft ship damaged. First Allied daylight raid on Crete (main target, Suda Bay).

Oval@3x 2

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