Diary January 20, 1916

Ottoman mevlavi dervish volunteers
A unit of Ottoman mevlavi dervish volunteers in Istanbul ready to depart to the front.
Diary for Thursday, January 20, 1916:

Middle East

Gallipoli: 36,000 Turkish soldiers (more than 2 divisions) leave for Mesopotamia.

Western Front

Verdun: Castelnau, Joffre‘s deputy, inspects defences, puts improvements in hand.

African Fronts

Southern Cameroons: French Southern Force takes Mansin, French Campo column captures Ngat on January 23 and reaches Ekob on January 30.


Britain buys 800,000t of Rumanian wheat; Austro­-German protest on January 26.

Home Fronts

Britain: First Derby scheme recruits called up. Munitions Ministry invites schools and universities to help with inventions.

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