Diary January 24, 1916

Admiral Reinhard Scheer
Admiral Reinhard Scheer, new commander-in-chief of the German High Seas Fleet.
Diary for Monday, January 24, 1916:

Sea War

North Sea: Vice-Admiral Reinhard Scheer becomes C-in-C German High Seas Fleet in succession to Pohl (resigns January 19, dies in February of cancer, aged 60). Scheer advocates offensive and proposes battlecruiser raids on British coast to draw Grand Fleet into traps sprung by battlecruisers and torpedo craft (destroyers and U-boats).

Western Front

Flanders: German diversionary attack on Nieuport (Yser).

African Fronts

Cameroons: Over 900 Allied soldiers drive in German rearguard at Mafub, but advance only 4 miles, occupy Abang and beat rearguard again following day (last British action here).
Spanish Morocco­: Decree organises administration, many tribes submit.

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