Diary January 24, 1917

T.E. Lawrence in Arab dress
T.E. Lawrence in Arab dress.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, January 24, 1917:

Middle East

Arabia: 400 of Feisal’s regulars with 200 sailors from 3 British ships capture Wejh from 200 Turks (until January 25) as Feisal and Lawrence (in Cairo on january 28) approach by land.

African Fronts

East Africa: Major Grawert’s 289 Germans surrender at Likuju in south. Major Otto’s 600 soldiers (46 casualties) beat Nigerians (64 casualties) at Ngwembe (until January 25) south of Rufiji.

Home Fronts

Germany: Railway chaos in winter freeze prevents all extra traffic (until February 5) despite mobile unloading teams.

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