Diary January 27, 1918

British soldiers of the mission of General Dunsterville
British soldiers of the mission of General Dunsterville on the march through northern Mesopotamia towards the Russian oil fields of Baku in the Caucasus.
World War One Diary for Sunday, January 27, 1918:

Middle Wast

Mesopotamia: Dunsterville Mission (200 men and 41 vehicles) leaves Baghdad for Kermanshah (main target Caucasus).

Eastern Front

Russia: Bolsheviks sever relations with Rumania, latter’s legation leaves Petrograd on January 28.

Southern Fronts

Trentino: (Asiago) Sassari Brigade and 4 Alpini battalions surprise attack and recapture Cols del Rosso and d’Echele with Mt Carone (until january 29) provoking 4-division counter-attacks that yield 2,500 PoWs, 6 guns and 100 MGs for 5,240 casualties.

Sea War

Atlantic: Cunard liner Andania sunk (7 lives lost) by U 46 off North Ireland.
North Sea: ­Royal Navy Air Service bombs Aertrycke and Engel (until January 28), Coolkerhe (Bruges) airfield bombed on January 29.

Air War

France: 6 of 12 DH4s (No 55 Squadron) raid Trier (barracks and railways). French bomb Conflans (RFC bombed on January 5) and Metz.
Germany: Royal Flying Corps Second Lieutenants Scholtz and Wookey (PoWs on October 17, 1917 near Cambrai when shot down in Bristol Fighters) sentenced to 10 years penal servitude for dropping anti-war leaflets behind German lines on Western Front.

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