Diary January 30, 1915

Steamer sinks after torpedo strike
A steamer begins its final plunge to the bottom after a torpedo strike of a U-boat.
Diary for Saturday, January 30, 1915:

Sea War

British Admiralty advise British merchant ships to fly neutral ensign (or none) in home waters. Lusitania arrives at Liverpool on February 6 with flying US flag.
Channel – first merchant ships torpedoed without warning: British steamers Tokamaru and Ikaria sunk off Le Havre by U20 (Schwieger).

Western Front

Argonne: French setback (700 PoWs) near Fontaine Madam.


USA: Colonel House sails in Lusitania for Europe as Wilson’s special peace envoy.
Belgium: King Albert receives Japanese Sword of honor.

African Fronts

Southeast Cameroons: French occupy Yukaduma.

Secret War

Britain: Churchill sends Admiral Carden Russian maps and plans of the Dardanelles defenses.

Home Fronts

Canada: Cavalry Brigade formed.

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