Diary January 5, 1942

Death soldiers, destroyed equipment and weapons left by the retreating Germans
Death soldiers, destroyed equipment and weapons left by the retreating Germans in front of Moscow.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, January 5, 1942:

Eastern Front

STALIN ORDERS GENERAL OFFENSIVE in address to Stavka (GHQ of Soviet High Command). Offensive to be on four fronts: Leningrad, Moscow, Ukraine and Crimea. Zhukov urges that all efforts be concentrated on crushing the disorganized German Army Group Centre, west of Moscow, and that to attack on all fronts is overambitious – Stalin refuses to alter his plans.
Russians recapture Kirichi rail junction on Leningrad front and announce recapture of 572 populated localities on Central (Moscow) front. Booty includes 462 guns; 86 tanks and armoured cars; 202,000 shells; 75,210 mines; 3,091 field cars; 9 railway trains and 1,235t of food (January 1-5).
Siege of Sebastopol: Garrison counter-attack north of city while Black Sea Fleet lands reinforcements.

Southeast Asia

Malaya: Japanese land on west coast.

Sea War

Black Sea: Battleship Parizhskaya Kommuna shells German positions on Crimean coast (repeated January 12 and 15-16).
Mediterranean: Large Italian convoy reaches Tripoli. HMS Upholder sinks Italian submarine Ammiraglio St Bon, carrying petrol to North Africa.

Occupied Territories

France: Dismembered body of Yves Paringaux, head of anti-terrorist activities at Vichy Ministry of the Interior, found on railway line at Melun. Vichy government blames ‘Communists’.

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