Diary January 8, 1919

Reichswehr troops in Berlin
Reichswehr troops in Berlin, with which the Spartacist uprising is suppressed.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, January 8, 1919:

Germany: Provisional Government demos as garrison, Socialist People’s Militia and Freikorps reoccupy seized public buildings in Berlin.
Armenia: Turk evacuation complete.
Turkey: Milne replaces Sir HFM Wilson as C-in-C at Constanti­nople (35,000 Allied troops) and GOC Army of the Black Sea.
Baltic States­: Estonians retake Narva and three other towns (until January 18).
Britain­: Haig’s penultimate (December 21, 1918) dispatch published.
South Russia: White Don and Volunteer leaders meet at Torgovaia and arrange operational unity under Denikin as AFSR (Armed Forces in South Russia: White Volunteer Army and southern Cossacks; 1919-20).

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