Diary January 9, 1917

British howitzer in action
British howitzer in action during the fighting against the Turks in the Sinai Peninsula.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, January 9, 1917:

Middle East

Mesopotamia – Battle of Kut (until February 24): 3rd Indian Division (700 casualties) with 70 guns storms Turk front line in Khadairi Bend and holds against counter-attacks.
Sinai – Action of Rafa: Chetwode’s Desert Column (486 casualties) storms Turk border defences, Turk losses including 1,635 PoWs and 4 guns. Egypt now clear of Turks; 8 British Tank Mk Iland at Alexandria.

Sea War

Germany: After final council of war (at Pless) a Kaiser order is issued: ‘I command that UNRE­STRICTED U-BOAT WAR­FARE BE INSTITUTED WITH THE UTMOST ENERGY ON FEBRUARY 1.’ Bethmann says ‘U-boat warfare is the last card’. (Austria backs decision on January 20).
Central Mediterranean: British battleship Cornwallis (13 lives lost) sunk by 3 torpedoes from U-32 (Hartwig) 60 miles southeast of Malta.
Eastern Atlantic: Raider Seeadler sinks first victim and another British ship (January 10) south of the Azores.

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